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‘Cobra Kai’ Is Actually Better Than ‘The Karate Kid’ Movies

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Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy, Sir!

Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

It’s only one of my FAVORITE movies from the 1980s. The Karate Kid was, and is, an EPIC film. If, by chance, you haven’t seen it, I’ll wait while you go stream it.

Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

You may or may not know that there was this little show on YouTube called Cobra Kai. It was a scripted show that was a SEQUEL to The Karate Kid series of movies, and it was SO GOOD — but not many people watched it.


Then, this little streaming service — maybe you know it — NETFLIX picked up Cobra Kai, and it became an instant HIT!!

It is now #1 in the top 10 of the most watched shows on the Netflix streaming service.

As it should be! Y’all. This show is so amazing!

Cobra Kai is a dramedy (that’s a drama comedy) that features much of the cast of the original Karate Kid movies. It is, of course, full of tons of karate action, but you also get to know the characters on a personal level — and I LOVE it!!


Remember Johnny Lawrence from the original Karate Kid movie? He isn’t so happy with where he has turned out in life — a 50-year-old, part-time handyman who lives in a run down apartment in Reseda, CA.

He is just a wee bit jealous of the success that his former nemesis, Daniel LaRusso, has seen as a fancy big-name car salesman.


After rescuing his young neighbor from a gang of bullies, Johnny decides to reopen the Cobra Kai studio, which reignites his rivalry with Daniel LaRusso. And thus begins the series.


When it was on YouTube, Cobra Kai was nominated for a couple Emmy awards, but nobody knew it was there — or at least, they forgot to go to YouTube and watch it.

Now that it has moved to Netflix, it is ramping up viewership — very quickly — and people are seeing just how awesome this show really is.


You can already catch all of Seasons One and Two of Cobra Kai on Netflix. But, you can expect a Netflix Original Season THREE to hit the streaming service in 2021!! Gah! Happy dance.

Go give it a watch. You will NOT regret it.


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  1. No one watched it? It was like the number one streamed show in the world for several weeks while on Youtube. Sure Netflix will give it a much bigger audience but to imply that Youtube renewed it for Season 2 when no one cared about it is a bit of a stretch.

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