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This All-Inclusive Retreat Offers Drunk Yoga On The Beach in Cancun And You Can Count Me In

Drunk Yoga is going down at The Haven Riviera Cancun, Resort & Spa, and things are about to get turnt up.

Courtesy of The Haven Riviera Resort & Spa

I’ve never been to Cancun, or ANYWHERE in Mexico for that matter. I KNOW, right!?! Can you believe it? It’s about high time I get myself down there.

Well, NOW is the perfect time to go. The “New Year, Do You Retreat” is happening in Cancun, and I HAVE to go!

There is going to be Drunk Yoga. That is what you need to know, first and foremost.

What is Drunk Yoga, you ask?

Well, you drink a little, dance a lot, all while listening to some AWESOME MUSIC. You also do a little bit of yoga — or, in my case, TRY to, at least. Ha!

If you can believe it, we don’t want you to get drunk on wine. Truly. We want you to get drunk on the feeling that comes with experiencing joy and self empowerment!

Drunk Yoga

But, wait. There are adult beverages, right? YES!

And, in THIS case, there is a beach. Sign me up!

There will also be meditation classes — HELLO, relaxation — as well as one-on-one birth chart readings from Eli Walker, who is the founder of the company Drunk Yoga. Yes, it’s an ACTUAL company!

And, you will be at an all-inclusive resort and spa — so there’s that. Seriously, how do I sign up?!?

You can sign up through January 31st, right HERE. The retreat, itself will be from February 20th – 23rd.

Courtesy of

It is is $899 per person, and INCLUDES flight, accomodations at the all-inclusive Haven Riviera Cancun, and the “New Year, Do You” Retreat.

Courtesy of The Haven Riviera Resort & Spa

Don’t expect to bring your kids to this retreat. It is an ADULTS ONLY resort, so find a babysitter, STAT.