Krispy Kreme Is Releasing 3 New Fruit-Filled Donuts For Spring and I Need Them

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Krispy Kreme is never far from creative ideas. They have had some really great seasonal items in the past, and this year is set to definitely not disappoint us.

Krispy Kreme

I absolutely love their innovation and creativity that goes into their products. And that’s on top of the amazing taste. There really are no other doughnut companies that compare.

Krispy Kreme

So for this spring, Krispy Kreme has decided to launch some fruit-infused doughnuts that already have me salivating.

Krispy Kreme

There are 3 new flavors coming out and I seriously don’t know which one to try first. Strawberry, Key Lime, and Lemon glazed doughnuts are coming to Krispy Kreme this Spring.

The company has launched a Lemon doughnut in the past, so this will definitely be a returning favorite. But the Key Lime…that one is so creative I can’t help but to try it.

Krispy Kreme is planning to roll these out one at a time.

The first one up will be the Strawberry Glazed, and Strawberry Creme doughnuts. These will be available Tuesday-Friday.

They will all be available in both a glazed form, and a some that are glazed as well as filled with the fruit flavoring! So in reality, we’re getting six new doughnuts!

Krispy Kreme even made this amazing promo video that will have your mouth watering.

Krispy Kreme will be launching this new line of doughnuts on April 28th, starting with the Strawberry options. May 5th will be the release of the new Key Lime flavor, and the Lemon will be available May 12th!

You can pick these up via drive-thru, curbside, or delivery services!

Happy donut eating!

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