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10 Things You Should Send To Your College Student

College is in full swing, and I will never forget how it felt in October. Totally tired of dorm food, out of money to buy toiletries, and just craving things from home. If you have a family member, friend, or even fiance (like me! woohoo!) who is busting it in college somewhere, here are 10 things you can send them to make it feel more like home!

These ten goodies are sure to make the ultimate college student care package

10 Things To Send A College Student:

1. Send them a Slim Jim or two. Why? Because “OH, YEAH!” they are amazing. That’s why!

2. Mail them some Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa. It’s starting to get chilly out and this will be the perfect chilly study drink.

3. Sunflower seeds! I can’t even begin to tell you how many sunflower seeds I ate in college. They always have been and always will be my most favorite thing to munch on ever.

4. Popcorn! Everyone in college needs popcorn. When I was in college all I wanted in life was a microwave with a popcorn button. When I finally got one it was the greatest gift ever.

5. Shampoo. No, seriously. I remember I had this dorm-mate that always used to steal my shampoo– and I still hate her to this day. Think of the friendships we could have fostered had someone just sent her a bottle of shampoo!

When I was in college, a care package full of goodies was the highlight of my week

6. Chapstick. I know it sounds silly, but I remember my lips getting SO chapped at school and having NONE of this. I had to spend my last three dollars on a tube. All this could have been avoided had someone sent it to me in a care package!

7. Pens and Pencils. I am pretty sure whatever monster eats all the socks out of the dryer trolls college campuses and steals writing utensils. Stupid monster.

8. Hand-written notes. In this crazy digital age, we text, we email, we facetime, but there is just something mega comforting about seeing the handwriting of a loved one when you’re off at school!

College kids love care packages full of goodies, so send them all the treats

9. TOILET PAPER. No seriously, send them as much toilet paper as you think they will need and then double that. Because I once stole a giant roll of toilet paper out of a 7-11 bathroom just to make it until I had some cash again. I am not proud of this. Also, that toilet paper was the worst thing that has ever graced my bum. Ever.

10. Money. Because, money.

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My new favorite way to shop

Encourage your college kid to make an Amazon wishlist so you always know what to buy them for treats

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Amazon wish lists are the ultimate way to spoil college kid

Christina Aleman

Wednesday 21st of October 2015

These are a good idea to send college students, parents can also includes on sending them like mediceines, shampoo and some peronal hygene products.

Kelly @ Texas Type A Mom

Monday 13th of October 2014

These are such great suggestions! I love how easy it is to customize a care package when you order on and the shipping is taken care of for you! #client