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These Walking Taco Boards Take Taco Tuesday To The Next Level

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Move over plain ol’ tacos! These Walking Taco Boards are LEGIT going to reinvent taco Tuesday in a big way.

Have you ever had a Walking Taco?

Basically, it’s a taco in a bag. It’s like, if a taco and some nachos had a baby, this walking taco would be the baby.

Walking Tacos are messy, and good, and you have to eat them with a fork. If you haven’t had one, you aren’t living your best life!!

How Do You Make A Walking Taco Board?

These Walking Taco Boards are some of the easiest things you will ever put together. You can totally do this on the fly with just a few simple ingredients.

It’s imperative that you start with a bag of chips — Doritos, Fritos, Cool Ranch Doritos — some kind of corn chip works best.

Use the single-size bags, and KEEP THE CHIPS IN THEIR BAGS!

You can either pile these bags up in the middle of your board, or you can place them around the outside of the board — your choice.

Beyond the bag of chips, you can add whatever you want.

Grill up some meat (ground beef, chicken, or even steak), add some taco seasoning, and throw it in a bowl.

Get some shredded cheese, tomatoes, and shredded lettuce, and put them in bowls on your board.

Maybe sour cream, chili, and corn sound delicious to you. Go ahead and add them.

Do you like creamy queso and black beans? Sure! They can find a place on your board.

If it were my board, I would add grilled jalapenos and onions. YUM!!

That’s pretty much it!! Now it’s just time to gather the troops and dig in.

I like to crush my chips before I open the bag, but you don’t have to.

Make sure you just open the TOP of the bag. Keep the rest of it intact.

Now, you put whatever toppings you want in the bag with the chips.

Eat the whole thing with a fork, and enjoy!!

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