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Kim Kardashian Just Got A ‘Painful’ Laser Treatment To Tighten Her Stomach. Here’s What She Did.

Kim Kardashian just went through a procedure to tighten her tummy, and it has nothing to do with working out.

Sounds fabulous, right?!? Yeah, not so much.

The procedure, called Morpheus laser treatment, uses radio frequency along with microneedling to improve skin tone and texture.

Yes, I said Microneedling. As in, a plethora of baby needles are jabbed into your skin in order to make it prettier.

In Kim’s case, she used Morpheus to tighten her stomach muscles.

Kim Kardashian via Instagram Stories

According to Taut, microneedling “involves damaging your skin in order to stimulate your body to produce collagen and reveal new, baby-soft skin.”

Nope. I’m out.

The London Cosmetic Clinic performs Morpheus8 procedures on their clients, and here’s a list of the common problems the treatment is used for:

*Loose or sagging skin of face, jawline, neck and body
*Wrinkles and fine lines on face, neck and décolletage
*Under eyes sagging skin and wrinkles
*Acne Scarring
*Stretch marks

London Cosmetic Clinic

Now, do I think Kim Kardashian had even ONE of these problems? Not even a little bit. We’ve all seen her scantily clad pictures. There is NOTHING wrong with any part of that woman.

But, whatever. You do you, boo. If she thinks she needs the procedure, more power.

Aesthetic practitioner, Lee Garrett told Insider that laser treatments usually target the surface layer of the skin. However, the radio frequency waves used in the Morpheus procedure can actually penetrate three skin layers in one cycle, heating up the tissue under the skin.

As for the results of Morpheus8, they don’t sound that fabulous to me. But, then, what do I know?

Clients can expect to see improved skin texture and tone in just a few days.

BUT, the real results kick in about 3 weeks after the 3rd treatment. Yes, it’s a 3-step process that costs about $1850 on average.

The results can last up to a year. Yes, only a year.

You have to have yearly maintenance on the skin to keep up the results.

Again, that’s a NOPE for me.

What do you think? Would YOU try the Morpheus8 treatment?