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5 Things Nobody Tells You About Having COVID

After avoiding it for 2.5 years, I finally tested positive for COVID.

As I sat there waiting for those two little lines to show up, I just knew. I knew it would be positive.

How did I know? Because at that point, I had never felt so sick in my life.

This wasn’t the average type of cold or flu. It was something far worse and I just knew I had to have COVID.

Sure enough, after 1 negative test (probably tested too early or had a false negative) and after having CVS lose my COVID test at their clinic, I tested positive.

That got me thinking, there are so many things people don’t tell you anything about when you have COVID. Things that would have been nice to know beforehand.

I mean again, it affects everyone differently but this is my experience and I wish I had known ahead of time, this is what it could be like…

5 Things Nobody Tells You About Having COVID

It will hit you so hard out of nowhere

Last week my symptoms started with a very, very mild sore throat. Our cotton trees have been snowing like crazy so I totally thought it was just allergies.

By Sunday morning, I was getting my husband breakfast for Father’s Day being totally fine when on my way back home, it hit me HARD. I immediately had the worst body aches all over that I can’t even describe.

Full on fever. Body chills and shivering. It was so PAINFUL.

Within about 10 minutes, I went from fine to not.

Again, it will hit you out of nowhere.

Literally everything hurts all the time

Aside from the horrid body aches and pains, something will literally be hurting at all times.

I’ve had a headache from the pressure from my congestion. Neck and back pain from coughing so hard, aches from lying around so much and just everything- it ALL hurts.

My saving grace has been alternating Tylenol and Ibuprofen and heaven forbid you miss a dose and the medication wears off, you are going to be hating life. Ask me how I know…

Coughing your brains out is supposed to be a good thing

I have never coughed so much in my life but apparently, it’s a good thing.

When I spoke with my doctor she explained that they want you to cough because coughing keeps you from holding all that crud into your lungs which can cause pneumonia.

Therefore, you’re supposed to cough and cough until your throat, back and lungs are so sore, you fear coughing anymore.

That’s pretty much what my life is right now.

You sleep so much yet are so tired

Yes, I know my body is busy trying to fight this off but I’ve slept so much you think it’d be considered hibernating at this point.

Yet, I am exhausted. I am drained and mentally, I am not clear. My brain seems foggy like when I am sleep deprived.

It doesn’t seem any amount of sleep will help you recover from the work your body is doing to fight this crud off.

I guess just being overly tired is my life now.

Just when you think you’re feeling better, you’re not

As I write this, I am technically on day 8 of when my first symptoms occurred (doctor says to count my first sore throat as day 1) and I still don’t feel myself.

Throughout this illness, there has been very short windows when I am like, okay, I feel a little better and then BAM it hits you again.

Sometimes you get a new symptom that just knocks you on your butt. It’s almost like it’s playing some sick game on you: “You’re feeling better, haha nope just kidding”. It sucks.

Bottom line – 10/10 I DO NOT recommend getting COVID. I know it’s inevitable at this point, but man I sure wish my family and I never had to go through this and I truly don’t wish it on anyone!

Photos courtesy of Deposit Photos.