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This TikTok Hack Shows You How To Turn A Boxed Cake Mix Into Gourmet Cupcakes

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TikTok has a hack for EASY, DELICIOUS gourmet cupcakes using ANY boxed cake mix, and I’m trying it today! It is so simple, and sound AH-MAZING!!

Mrskarlystoddard, on TikTok, shared this cupcake recipe with the world, and now I must try it.

You take ANY boxed cake mix — she recommends using the $1 Duncan Hines boxed mix — and tweak the recipe that’s on the back just a bit.

Courtesy of Mrskarlystoddard on TikTok

The box calls for 1 Cup of Water, 3 Eggs, and 1/3 Cup Vegetable Oil — but you are going to change that up just a bit.

Courtesy of Mrskarlystoddard on TikTok

According to Mrs. Stoddard, what you ACTUALLY do is:

Trade out the water for milk, add 5 eggs instead of 3, and use melted butter instead of vegetable oil — and then double it.

Courtesy of Mrskarlystoddard on TikTok

So, to the cake mix you will add: 1 Cup of Milk, 5 Eggs, and 2/3 Cups Melted butter.

Courtesy of Mrskarlystoddard on TikTok

You then just follow the directions that are right on the box.

Courtesy of Mrskarlystoddard on TikTok

According to Karly, they come out “soooooooo much better!”

Just watch Mrskarlystoddard‘s video below. You will want to immediately run to the store and get all the ingredients to make these cupcakes yourself!


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TikTok is our GO-TO for all the new cool trends. They have EVERYTHING, from removing tendons from chicken, to turning a Starbucks Bottled Frappuccino into a Blended Beverage, to every dance move known to humans — TikTok has it all.


They even have all the best cooking and baking hacks! Seriously, you can go to TikTok, lose HOURS browsing there videos, and come away with a ton of new cool hacks that actually work in everyday life!

Raise your hand if you’ve tried your hand at baking at least one new item during quarantine — now dubbed Quarantine Baking! *Two Hands Held High*

I have tried so many different new recipes, some of which I have shared with you: 2-Ingredient Biscuits and Peach Cobbler. My oven has never gotten such a good workout. Ha!

I should totally TikTok my recipes! I’d need a director and producer, though, to make the videos turn out watchable. LOL!

What new recipes have YOU tried during quarantine cooking? I’d LOVE to hear about them!

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