This TikTok Video Shows Us A Genius Hack On How To Remove White Tendons From Chicken Breasts

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Anyone else hate those stupid, little white tendons always hanging off your raw chicken breast? It’s like using the word “moist”…we just don’t want it in our lives…


I try to avoid touching chicken breast at all. I get boneless and skinless to make it easier, but then you still have those annoying little white tendons hanging out, ready to ruin your day.


Thankfully, we have now learned a super easy hack that is a chicken cooking game-changer.

After Mandy Klentz learned this hack, she just had to share it with the world, so the next time she cooked chicken for her family, she made a video to share on TikTok.


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♬ original sound – raising_krazies

This cooking video has gone viral with over 4 million views! That’s a lot of people who now know an easy way to remove tendons from chicken! Who knew a fork and napkin could be so innovative!


What is your favorite cooking hack? Comment below!!!


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