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Another $1,200 Stimulus Check May Be Coming in August. Here’s What We Know.

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There is another round of stimulus checks being discussed in Congress right now — but you probably already knew that.

Come on Congress, Mama needs a new mattress! Although, you KNOW a new check would mean that my bills are actually going to get paid.

The Senate has been putting the new stimulus package proposed by the House of Representatives on the backburner.

Luckily, we are down to the wire, and Congress is FINALLY in discussion to come up with a new plan for another round of stimulus.

It’s a good thing, because the extra unemployment benefits are up this week, and as such, many Americans are left scrambling to get their monthly debt covered.

Businesses are still having to shut down, or are irreparable struggling under the crushing financial troubles that this virus has caused.

The House of Representatives has already passed a bill that would give each person living in America $1,200, among other financial aid to businesses, unemployed, and school systems.

This House stimulus package would also expand the “eligibility rules for several groups, including adult dependents and U.S. citizens who are married to immigrants.”

This bill has been held up in the Senate, but that is about to change.

Senate Republicans have come up with a counter alternative to the new stimulus package, and it would be sort of a Stimulus 2.0.

It would again give every American $1,200, as long as they make under $75,000 per year. There would AGAIN be an additional payout of $500 per dependent minor.

Using the same parameters as the last round of stimulus payments would mean that the Internal Revenue Service could quickly deliver the money to people’s bank accounts and mailboxes.


Unfortunately, people who haven’t yet received their FIRST stimulus check would most likely have to wait again for their second check. As a side note — if you know anyone who hasn’t yet received their stimulus check, let them know they need to contact the IRS by October.

In order for this new stimulus package to pass, Republicans would require the votes of Senate Democrats — and therein lies the problem. We have to get the two parties to agree.

We will let you know as soon as we hear any updates on a new stimulus package.

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  1. They should not get paid and then let’s see how fast they get it done

  2. I applied on june and still didn’t get mine yet …when will you send the stimulus checks out ..

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