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People Are Eating Food At The Grocery Store While They Shop And Then Paying For The Wrapper

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Is this not a thing?

One TikToker has gone viral for saying she eats food at the grocery store, then pays for just the wrapper at checkout.


Like, she eats while she’s shopping, and then pays for said munchies when she is at the register.

Um … I do this. I do this a lot.

I mean, have you ever had kids? When you go shopping with kids, they beg for everything in the cart. I always ended up caving and giving them a graham cracker or something, and just paid for the rest at checkout.

Seriously. I thought this was kind of normal.

TikTok viewers are wondering if this is even legal, and to be honest, I never even thought about it.

The stuff is getting paid for, so what’s the harm?

Am I the only one that eats my food at the grocery store and then … pay for the wrapper?

Hannah (@hesky) on TikTok
Justice Haston

I mean, how do you know it isn’t legal? There aren’t signs up or anything.

I am fully aware that there are some people that will take advantage, and not pay for the items they ate.

But, is it really wrong for a normal, civilized shopper to eat in the store, and then pay for the item when they checkout?

You can see Hannah’s full TikTok about eating in the grocery store HERE.


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