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‘Wavy Lips’ Are The New Beauty Trend And I’m A Bit Freaked Out

There is a new beauty trend going around, and I don’t know whether I love it or I’m completely freaked out by it.

What am I talking about? Wavy lips. Yes, you read that correctly. Wavy lips.

They are calling it “Octopus lips” or “Devil lips,” and the trend is said to have started in Russia. Are they genius, or are they slightly off their rockers?

It is said to be achieved by using lip fillers to make your lips wavy, or give them that pointed shape.

People like Kylie Jenner have made the lip filler a common cosmetic trend, but this wavy lip is taking lip fillers to a new level.

Some experts are saying that you should avoid this unnatural lip shape. These experts say that it would be very hard to go back to a “normal” lip shape.

You will have stretched out, and distorted the outline of your lips, and there just isn’t any way to easily come back from that.

Other people in the know are saying there is no way that this trend is real. They claim that photoshop is the only way to achieve the desired scalloped shape.

I do NOT volunteer as tribute to find out which one is true. Although I think these wavy lips kinda look cool, there is no way I’m doing this to my perfect pout.

You might remember the wavy eyebrow trend of 2017. That wasn’t as permanent, and faded into the sunset pretty quickly.

What do you think of this new wavy lip trend?

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