Wawa Is Opening Their First Drive-Thru Store And I Am So Excited

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Wawa is the holy grail to hoagies, snacks, smoothies and one dollar coffee.

If you aren’t familiar with Wawa, therefore, those of you who don’t live in the Northeast, it’s worth taking a road trip just to taste a Wawa hoagie.


Just yesterday, Wawa announced some pretty big news that is a shock to everyone who knows Wawa like the back of their hand. The only thing the convenience store is missing, is a drive-thru and that’s exactly what the company has plans to create!

Wawa is creating their first ever drive-thru convenience store in the near future of this year.

According to a press release, Wawa plans to begin construction late next month and prefers to finish in December of 2020.


So what you’re telling me is that I can drive up to a Wawa drive-thru window and order my mocha coffee and hoagie without stepping foot outside of my car?! It’ll be a Christmas miracle.

The location of this Wawa will be in Bucks County, PA, at the intersection of West Trenton and Pine Grove roads in Falls Township.

The new and improved Wawa will also offer 25 jobs and 4 that will have full time opportunities.

“Wawa continues to test new store concepts with this latest drive thru format, providing an opportunity for our customers to still experience and enjoy their favorite Wawa products while remaining inside their vehicle,” said Terri Micklin, Director of Construction, Wawa. “It is critical to provide new ways to access Wawa, increase convenience and provide new options for service.”

Terri Micklin, Director of Construction, Wawa

The director even mentioned that this won’t be the last drive-thru Wawa, so maybe they’ll build one on the West Coast too?!!

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