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Britney Spears Wants Her Conservatorship Case Open To The Public And We Are Here For It

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Poor Britney! I’ve already told you guys how I feel about all of this. She is a grown woman and she should have a say in who manages her conservatorship. Her entire estate is controlled by her father.

Obviously she doesn’t want her dad doing it, so why can’t she have a say?

She has made it clear that she doesn’t trust her dad. She also wants all of us to hear what is going on, I think she needs the support of the people that want to help her.


Britney has decided that she wants the hearing to be public! Her lawyers have just filed documents opposing her dad’s motion to seal certain parts of the ongoing case. She wants everyone to know what is going on, and I wonder what her dad is trying to hide…


Britney has said that there is no reason that the hearing needs to be secret. She also supports the #FreeBritney movement. All that Britney wants to do is move her conservatorship away from her dad and to someone independent that she trusts.


This has been going on for way too long! Free Britney! Could you even imagine being in her situation? Even if she has mental health issues, she should still have a say in who manages her affairs.


Maybe she is being over-medicated? I don’t know, but she is a human and she deserves to have a say. She looks so sad…


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