People Are Putting Hair Tinsel In Their Hair and Calling It “Unicorn Hair”

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Maybe you’ve dyed your hair or maybe you prefer highlights instead.

The latest fashion trend to go viral five times over is hair tinsel.

Courtesy of @hairbysroth

If your head of hair is a virgin, and maybe you’re nervous of dyeing it for the first time, hair tinsel is an easier way to get a different updo without the commitment.

Individuals on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook are showing off the subtle sparkle in their hair when the sun catches a glimpse or when the flashlight from an iPhone takes a picture.

Courtesy of @luckylocks.co

The sparkling new hairdo ranges from a wide variety of colors from red, to blue, to pink, to violet, you name it!

Courtesy of @luckylocks.co

The trend which looked like it started from TikTok, made its way over to Instagram and then Facebook, and people can’t get enough of the glittery new look!

Courtesy of @luckylocks.co

Oh, and if unicorns had hair, this would totally be it.

Courtesy of @biond_beauty

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