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Brach’s Released ‘Friends’ Conversation Hearts and I Am About to Pivot To The Store To Get Some

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The one with the sweet candy hearts…

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast, and we have literally found the perfect gift for your sweetheart who also happens to love the TV show Friends.

Brach’s Conversation Hearts has come out with Friends themed heart candies this Valentine’s Day, and they are so much fun!!

Instead of the traditional “Love,” “Sweetheart,” “Be Mine,” and “XOXO,” each one of the Friends Conversation Hearts has a saying that you will recognize from the TV show, Friends.

“Ross,” “Lbstr,” “On A Break,” “Unagi,” and “Pivot” are just some of the hilarious hearts you will find in these special packages of Friends Conversation Hearts.

So perfect, right??

These hearts feature the same beloved taste and colors you know and love, with fun new themes inspired by the iconic TV show. With phrases that capture the essence of Friends, these hearts are sure to make you smile. 


These Brach’s Friends Conversation Hearts have the same flavor that you love and expect from your favorite Valentine heart candies!!

And, they come in a 6 ounce bag, so you can share with all your besties while y’all sit and binge watch Friends episodes this Valentine’s Day.


Each bag runs $3.50, and you might want to stock up while you can. These Friends Conversation Hearts are a limited-edition offering.

You can get these Friends Conversation Hearts now on the Walmart website.

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