This Glassfrog Can Make Itself Transparent When It Sleeps And It’s The Coolest Thing Ever

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There is a frog that can actually make itself transparent while it sleeps, and it’s the wildest thing.

These little dudes are called glassfrogs, and they have a very unique way of camouflaging themselves while they sleep.

Glassfrogs can make themselves damn-near invisible while they sleep, and they do it by packing nearly all of their red blood cells into their liver!

They snuggle right down into the lush leaves of plants, and blend almost all the way in.

Like, seriously, you might not even know they are there!

These glassfrogs are — by some process; we don’t know the details — filtering red blood cells out of their blood and cramming them into their livers so tightly that it should create a clot. But it doesn’t.

Sönke Johnsen, study co-author 

When you look at them from the top, they blend into the green plants.

But, when you look at them from the bottom, they are almost completely transparent.

When I was little, I always wanted the invisibility superpower, but this little guy actually does it!

They are tiny little things — growing about 1 inch in size — and you can find them in central and south America.

According to LiveScience, the glassfrog’s “underbellies are translucent even when the frogs are awake, allowing an observer to easily see their hearts pumping red blood throughout their bodies.”

But, they turn from translucent to transparent when they sleep, camouflaging them from would-be predators.

Seriously, I would love to see one of these little guys in action!

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