These Plant IV Water Bags Are Perfect For The Person Who Kills All Their Plants

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I feel personally attack and I am pretty sure these were made for me…

I seriously DO NOT have a green thumb. I’ve even killed succulents and they are my absolute favorite plant ever.

With that being said, these IV Water Bags are pure genius and perfect for people (like me) that kills all their plants.

These are basically “Plant Life Support” as the bags read and they are super simple to use.

Simply fill the bags with water and hang from the pole.

Stick the arrow dripper into the soil and set the dial to open.

Your plant will then be properly hydrated on the regular. Just make sure you check to make sure the bag is filled regularly.

Man, I wish I knew about this a long time ago. All those poor plants I could have saved!!

Trust me, this will be the best gift you’ll ever give to the person who kills all their plants.

You can grab the Plant IV Water Bags on Amazon for around $15 here.

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