Walmart Has Snickers Ice Cream Cakes And They Are So Good

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Just what I need in my life. No really! I little bit more sweet.

Walmart has these delicious Snickers Ice Cream Cakes, and I’m in serious need of one right now!

They consist of vanilla ice cream, layered with chopped up Snickers Bars, Caramel, and Chocolate chips. But, they didn’t stop there.

There is even a nougat whipped topping to bring this whole concoction together onto another plane of dessert heaven-on-earth existence.

I mean, seriously. Look at all the goodness going on here. You have the yummy ice cream base, with all that chocolatey carmely goodness intermingled and entwined to make it perfection.

You can also find one of these cakes in an M&M version, but I think I NEED the Snicker version. It is simply calling my name.

Listen closely — you might hear it calling your name, too!

Did you know that the Snickers White Chocolate version is back in stores. Go grab it while you can!

You can also get these Snickers Pecan Bars. I’m going to tell you, you DON’T want to miss out on these!

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