Snickers Pecan Bars Are Here and I’m Going Nuts Over It

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That crunch though!

As you stock up on your holiday sweets, you’ll want to grab the new limited edition Snickers Pecan Bars Because They Are Here and I’m Going Nuts Over It!

The limited-edition SNICKERS Pecan Bar features the same caramel and milk chocolate of the classic SNICKERS Bar, now with delicious pecans inside.

Before you head out searching for these in-store you should know, these are very limited in supply!

According to a press release, fans can order the new flavor in a custom-curated box containing 15 SNICKERS Pecan Bars at

A limited number of boxes will be available for purchase while supplies last.

“We were eager to involve our fans in developing our newest flavor innovation,” said Josh Olken, Brand Director on SNICKERS. “It turned out that fans from Texas and across the south are nuts about pecans and wanted to taste America’s native nut in our iconic candy bar. We hope our fans are as excited to try the limited-edition SNICKERS Pecan Bar as we are proud to produce them right in our Waco plant.”

I surely hope these will be available in-stores soon because I really need to try some!

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