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This Tabletop Makes It So Much Easier To Eat Your Crawfish, Lobster, And Shrimp

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Alright, so I live in Texas now, but I grew up in the very far north! Up there eating crawfish wasn’t a thing, at least it wasn’t a common thing like it is down here in the south.

They have crawfish boils and it’s like a huge deal. People love that stuff, it’s not for me though… I don’t do shrimp either, I’m actually allergic to shellfish.

But for all of you that do love your crawfish boils and your shrimp-eating backyard festivities, this is totally for you!

It’s called the BayTec Crawfish Tabletop and it’s going to back things so much easier for you!

The Baytech Crawfish Tabletop is made from a food-grade polycarbon material. It’s super durable and easy to store when not being used.


It’s big enough for about 8 people to chow down on all of those critters like crawfish, shrimp, clams… whatever you want.


You just need to get a 55-gallon barrel lined with a garbage bag, then set this bad boy up on top of it. It attaches with 2 bungee cords to keep it nice and stable.

Super Easy Cleanup!

The center is open so you can just toss your discards into the middle and down into the garbage bag! This makes for super easy cleanup!


There are also two paper towel holders attached because things get messy right?

The top has four sectioned corners so that you can fill them each with all of the things you want to serve. There are also 4 spots to hold beverages, and 4 compartments for holding condiments.


When the party is over, simply clean up the table top with soap and water. Remove it from the barrel, tie up the garbage bag and you’re done!

You can buy the BayTec Crawfish Tabletop on Amazon to help make this the best summer ever!


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