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Here Is How To Make A Natural Repellent For Wasps And Bees

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Wasps and I do not have a great track record; I hate them, and they hate me.

I JUST had one on in my laundry room, and it was perched up in the corner of the ceiling, being creepy and tracking my every movement.

I’m sure it was waiting to dive bomb and sting me.

I wish I had known about this hack YESTERDAY, because I totally would have flooded the laundry room in lemons and cloves!

Yep, you read that right. Apparently the combination of lemons and cloves are like a natural repellent for wasps and bees.

They can’t stand the smell — which is actually delicious!

If you are outside this summer, just set a few of these natural repelent lemon cloves on your outdoor table, and keep those flying pests away.

Here is how you repel wasps and bees with lemons and cloves

Procure a few lemons — the bigger the better — and cut those lemons in half.

Get some WHOLE cloves, and stick them down into the cut side of the lemon.

You will see that the cloves have a pointy end. That is what you stick down inside the lemon.

Now, you just set these clove-covered lemons out where you need them.


It’s a great natural way to keep those wasps and bees at bay.

I WILL tell you, the more cloves that you use, the better.

So, be heavy handed when it comes to sticking those whole cloves into your cut lemons.

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