There Are ‘Whip Scorpions’ That Shoot Acid From Their Tails And I Think I’ll Stay Indoors Now

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I live in Texas. And that automatically means I have to deal with all the creepy crawlies as it is. So I don’t need to hear about worse things to be concerned about…

Big Bend National Park

This is what nightmares are made of. It’s like a mixture of a scorpion, spider, and crab or something. I am NOT for it. At all. Please make it go away.

Arizona Museum Of Natural History/Facebook

These have recently been spotted a lot in Texas due to the excess rain pushing them out of their burrows. Supposedly if you see one, just leave it alone and it shouldn’t bother you. But I have trust issues.

Fear Factor/Facebook

These are called vinegaroons, but their nickname is ‘whip scorpion’. But they aren’t actually scorpions at all.

The Savage Scavenger/Facebook

These creepy little things can aim well, and spray 85% acetic acid from the base of their tails as a way of protection. But lucky for us, they are said to not be poisonous. (But they DO pinch…)

Plateau Land & Wildlife Management/Facebook

They are also said to eat scorpions, millipedes, crickets and cockroaches. So, I guess, technically we’re supposed to like them…I just wish they looked less intimating.

Derek Ang/Facebook

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