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The Internet Is Losing It Over This Unnoticed Scene From ‘Shrek’ and Now I Can’t Unsee It

We all know the movie ‘Shrek’, right?


If you have children then you have probably watched it more times than you can count, I know I have!

In fact, I love the movie as much as the kids do!


However, I recently watched a TikTok video that was posted on Facebook that pointed out something I had never noticed before.

Apparently, most people were like me and hadn’t noticed it either.

Now the internet is losing it and super sad, and I have to agree… it is sad!

I’m actually curious if any of you had noticed this part of the story on your own, or were you like me and didn’t have a clue before?

Remember the bear family that was caged separately?

It was a mother, father, and child?

Well, this slightly hidden storyline is about them and it is so sad!

In the first scene with the bears, they are in cages.

The next time you see the bears it is the dad and the child and the dad seems to be comforting the child as they sit together.

Then, the killer part that has the internet torn up right now… the mama.

The scene shows a room with a bearskin rug and the cute little bow the mama wore is also on the bearskin rug.


That’s so sad, did any of you notice it while watching the movie?

You can see it pointed out in this video here.