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This Conversation Between A Passenger and An Airline is Intensely Creepy

This story should really scare the living crap out of you — or at least make you hella concerned.

It involves your information — including your picture — being accessible to airlines without your consent.

And, if airlines can get your information without your knowledge, what other companies out there know absolutely everything about you?

MacKenzie Fegan was on her way to the airport to catch a flight. She had her boarding pass in hand — because you KNOW security is going to ask for it.

BUT, she never had to show her boarding pass. She simply had to look into a camera, and it did all the work of a boarding pass — including verifying her identity.

Seems pretty convenient, doesn’t it?

It might make getting around in the airport super easy, but just think about what that means.

Somebody, somewhere knows ALL your information, including your picture, and they share it with the airlines without even your knowledge, let alone your consent!

It bothered MacKenzie, so she took to Twitter to get to the bottom of this security breach of sorts.

She tagged JetBlue, the airline she was flying, and asked how was is possible that they already had all her information in their system.

Of course, they hopped onto the thread, and responded to her questions.

Okay. You can “Opt Out” and “Present a Traditional Boarding Pass,” but the damage is already done, right? They are able to get all your information if they need it.

This just seems a bit sketch to me. What do you think?