Kanye West Goes on Instagram Rampage and Then Deletes Photos – Here’s Screenshots of What He’s Said

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Kanye West aka ‘Ye’ is currently the train wreck you cannot seem to look away from…

Today is officially day 2 of Kanye West’s Instagram Rampage and it’s a total dumpster fire.

As you may have noticed, Kanye has seemed to be battling all sorts of issues with mental health, issues with relationships and according to him, issues with brands.

Well, Kanye decided he’d spend his Labor Day weekend binge posting on Instagram and talking trash about nearly everyone.


Kanye has been attacking everyone from Kim Kardashian to members of her family and even Pete Davidson (whom is no longer dating Kim).


Pretty much nobody is safe.

And honestly, Kanye’s posts are all over the place. One minute he is talking trash about someone and the next he’s posting a pic of his daughter’s cleats… WTF?


I am convinced Kanye has completely lost his mind at this point.


But here’s the even crazier part, Kanye has been posting them and then deleting them. But don’t worry, the internet isn’t letting that happen…


Here’s some of the craziness that Kanye has been posting…

He was posting private text messages between him and what we all believe has to be Kim Kardashian…


Then it looks like Kris got involved…


And it just seems to get worse…


Again, many of these have since been deleted since he posted them but the internet isn’t letting him get away with it.


Many are upset and disgusted that he continue to attacks the mother of his children publicly along with everyone else he wants to attack.


If you want to continue to see what Kanye is posting, go view his Instagram page here.

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