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Why Is Nobody Talking About The Man Accused of Killing Elisa Lam? His Life Was Literally Ruined Over It.

My heart was heavy all night.

Why you ask? Because I binged watched Crime Scene: The Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel on Netflix.

The entire story was creepy and sad through the end and aside from Elisa Lam’s death, there was one thing that really bothered me…

The Man Accused of Killing Elisa Lam and How His Life Was Literally Ruined Over It.


I am all for people wanting to help and just like in this series, the police mentioned that the public can be helpful in solving crimes like this one.

However, the public can also be extremely detrimental too.


In this case, the man accused of murdering Elisa Lam before they found out what really happened was known as Morbid (stage name). His real name is Pablo Camilo Vergara.


How exactly did he get caught up in all of this?

Well, a year prior to Elisa Lam’s disappearance and death, Morbid stayed at the Cecil Hotel and shared his experience on YouTube for his fans (he was a musician at the time).

And because of that video, along with some other strange things from his music videos, people began accusing him of Elisa’s death.

The thing is, Morbid was strange, creepy and very dark but that didn’t make him a killer.

But that didn’t stop people from publicly outing him, making death threats towards him and completely ruining his life and career.

In this documentary, Pablo is interviewed to explain his side of the story and how this entire thing ruined his life. He even lost his record label and stopped making music.

This is just so sad and I can’t even imagine.

Like he said in the series, this can happen to literally anyone and that’s the problem.

He even pointed out that the people who were responsible for ruining his life and made death threats never even apologized even after all these years.

That is why, people need to take this as a life lesson – don’t accuse people without having hard evidence and just because someone is strange or weird, doesn’t mean they should be painted as a murderer.

I have to say, this entire thing with Pablo broke my heart. He is still living and he’s a human being.

He deserves an apology and deserves a way to make his life better after everything came crashing down over something he didn’t do.

Someone please make him a dang GoFundMe account or something to make things even a little better for him!

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