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Man, I love being a mom… you just get to see such cool stuff. This tiny little person that came from YOU is exploring and learning everything there is to learn in the whole world, and you get to be their guide.


I mean sure, there is cleaning, bootie wiping, putting to bed, and all that other stuff… but it is important to stop in the middle of all of that and remember that your kid will never be that little again, and that you will never get to do those things for them again. I mean sometimes when it is the end of the day and we have to go upstairs and do the bedroom routine, I think… man I really just want to watch Gilmore Girls, but then I stop myself and remember just how amazing it is to get to be with my daughter… they are once in a lifetime moments and we all need to remember that! Before I know it, she will be too big to sit in my lap and read Brown Bear for the umpteenth time! I am going to start being more thankful for the time that I have with her!


Tuesday 23rd of May 2006

You just figured out the most important part of being a parent in the first year... there are people with grown children that haven't figured it out.

You are an awesome mommy and Hal is lucky to have you!