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Altered Clothespin

altered clothespin

So, one of my girls found these super cute giant clothespins on another website, and I decided to try my hand at one. I really like the way it turned out. Even if I am not a fan of Junkitz Rub Ons… they just don’t glide like the Gin-X ones do…. seriously Gin-X Rub-ons are like butter… so smooth… whatever they did to those things, they did it right! I love Gin-X, and will only be using them from NOW on! Down with all the other rub-ons! Who’s with me?


Wednesday 24th of May 2006

ME! I totally hear you on the rub-ons. Gin-X are the! ;)Clothespin is greatness!


Wednesday 24th of May 2006

I'm with you! Gin-X rubons are complete awesomeness! :)

And that is one seriously adorable clothespin!