Lush is Having A Massive Sale Starting Today

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You know what most moms really wanted for Christmas? Alone time. Possibly even a nice hot bath with a yummy bath bomb in it.

If you didn’t get that for Christmas, it might be time to redo it all and luckily, you don’t have to break the bank doing it…

Lush is Having A Massive Sale Starting Today so get to buying yourself all the bath bombs and ask for some alone time!

Lush is offering 50% off select items – lots are holiday related but who cares?

Their luscious bath bombs are as low as $3.75 each which is awesome if you ask me!

“Take 50% off of ALL select items. That’s half-price on our festive best gifts, bath bombs, shower gels, bubble bars and more. ⁠?”

Just like with the Bath & Body Works sale, these are good while supplies last and they are selling out fast so hurry over to shop!

You can shop the Lush Massive Sale Here.

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