Walmart Has The Ecto-1 Car From Ghostbusters And My Kids Need It

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With all the buzz about the new film, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, my kids are stoked to get their hands one ANYTHING Ghostbusters related.

Look what I found right on the toy aisle at Walmart! You can get a super-cool Ecto-1 automobile — the car from Ghostbusters — from your local Walmart, or on the Walmart website.

My husband and I purchased the Ecto-1 for my son’s birthday. Honestly, we were expecting a cheap knockoff, but were pleasantly surprised. Both the quality and attention to detail were well worth the money. The sounds are amazing and very authentic. If you’ve got a Ghostbusters lover, this is exactly what they need!

Walmart Customer Review

This Ecto-1, 79-piece set, comes complete with REAL sounds and working lights!

It also has a detachable roof, which makes for super-fun play. You can stick all the characters, proton wands, and ghost traps right inside the car through the roof.

Via Walmart

Includes two detachable proton packs and proton wands, ghost trap, PKE meter for measuring psychokinetic energy, and silicone slime splatters that stick to smooth surfaces.

Walmart website

This fun car also comes with two ghost-busting characters. All that’s missing are the ghosts!

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Walmart website

Any kid — or adult (we won’t judge) — would LOVE this Ecto-1 play set!

Don’t forget the three AAA batteries needed to make this Ecto-1 car light up.

You can get the Playmobil Ecto-1 Ghostbusters Playset Here.

Also, don’t forget to check out the trailer for Ghostbusters: Afterlife. I CAN’T WAIT for this movie to hit theaters!

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