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This Man Hilariously Shows Us What It’s Like To Dine Outside During A Pandemic

The pandemic has without a doubt given us a new normal way of living. New habits, changed rules and a completely different lifestyle.

Outside seating has become more and more popular and an elder gentleman on Facebook, showed us the reality of what it’s like to eat outside during a global pandemic.

Okay, maybe it’s a bit exaggerated, but it will definitely give you a good belly laugh.

Mr. Vic DiBitetto uploaded a video showing his interpretation of what dining outside looks like during the pandemic and it starts with hand sanitizer!

Throughout the video, Mr. DiBitetto is sitting down at a restaurant in the pouring rain and yet still manages to pull out his hand sanitizer to disinfectant his hands.

From what it looks like, it appears that Mr. DiBitetto may actually be sitting in a real rainstorm; however if this wasn’t real rain, then props to him for making the video look so realistic!

It’s raining so hard that in the first 5 seconds of the video, the man’s shirt is completely soaked! He then takes off his mask and sips on his wine, not that he can even get a taste since the rain is making the wine overflow.

During the entirety of the video, it’s completely down pouring and now there’s thunder and lighting, like this guy wasn’t already having a tough time enjoying his soup!

Courtesy of Vic DiBitetto

As the clip continues, he asks the waiter to take back his soup because it tastes “watered down” and he even rings out his napkin to wipe down his face.

Courtesy of Vic DiBitetto

So what’s the point of this video? To make the people of Facebook laugh during a time that is difficult. Outside dining isn’t really this problematic.

Although if the restaurant you’re eating at makes you sit outside during a thunderstorm, I would recommend you leave and take your fries somewhere else!

Courtesy of Vic DiBitetto

Thank you Mr. Vic DiBitetto for making us all laugh during a time where we all need it the most! Oh, and if I were you, I would suggest dry cleaning that shirt!

Courtesy of Vic DiBitetto