‘Stay Home’ Actually Means To Stay Home

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People! *Shake My Head* What do you not understand about STAY the flip at home?!?

I had to emerge from my quarantine to go to the store to buy a medical item I HAD to have. I was FREAKING OUT. I don’t want to get this thing. I didn’t want to be around people.

Maybe, I thought, society was heeding the advice from LITERALLY every person in the medical field, in government, and even on my Facebook feed, and staying home.

I couldn’t have been more wrong! There were eleventy million people out!

Groups of people were enjoying food at outside tables at fast food restaurants — way closer than the mandated 6-feet apart.

Ten thousand people were at Walmart, just there to leisurely shop. People were even congregating in the aisles just to have a chat.

There was a completely full parking lot at the Salvation Army and Lowe’s Hardware. What in the world is so important right now?

Please, for the love of humanity, stay the flip home!

This situation we are in is NOT a joke. We haven’t just been handed a vacation from work on a silver platter. This is serious.


Listen to what our doctors, nurses, city officials, and government are telling us!

I realize that by going to the store, I was one of the people out in public. But, I was on a mission to get ONE medically necessary thing.

I wasn’t there to peruse the clothing and DVDs. I wasn’t chatting with people in the aisles, physically blocking the walking lanes for people trying to shop and get home.


Stay home means stay the heck home! It doesn’t mean to stay home, until you are bored. It doesn’t mean to stay home, unless you want to go hang out with your BFF. It also doesn’t mean it is okay to go out, because you are just going to your mom’s.


STAY HOME. By going out, YOU are part of the problem!

And, while we are at it, if you INSIST on going out, please be NICE.

DUDES!! Be nice to your drive thru people — like at STARBUCKS. They have been mandated to only have the drive through open. It’s not their fault you can’t walk in and get your coffee.

When you got in the line, you saw that there were 30 cars in line before you. That’s your fault.

These workers don’t have to, literally, risk their lives for YOUR COFFEE, but they are there to make your day better, with your fancy coffee beverage.

Can we all just be a little nicer, and STAY the heck home!


Now, pass this on to someone who need to hear it.

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