Don’t Forget To Ask Your Neighbors and Friends If They Are Okay

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We are all bored to death, because we have to be inside with our families. We’ve blown through the puzzles and video games. We have no desire to read another book, and — I’ll say it — I’m a little tired of Netflix.

But, we have people to communicate with. You can grab your kids, your spouse, your roommate — whomever — and have a conversation.

You can go to the grocery store to — let’s be honest — get out of the house, but you can also buy that gallon of milk, and eggs.

We have it pretty darn good during this less-than-perfect situation.

Have you checked on your neighbors, though?

There are probably some people on your block that might need a little extra help, and we should totally be there to step up and offer that help.

Are there people that can’t get out, but desperately need a prescription filled? Is there an elderly person that can’t get out to buy their pet some food? Maybe there is someone that just needs some human interaction — even if it’s through a glass door.

There are apps that will help you easily check up on people, but you may need to help your neighbor download the apps.

Of course, Facebook is a good source for them to have contact with people. You can also get their number, and Facetime them to make sure they are doing okay.

You can both download the Voxer app. While this doesn’t really allow 2-way conversation, you can leave them a message, and vice-versa, sort of like a walkie-talkie. It is an easy way to just check in and acknowledge that you are there to help.

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One other app you can use is Marco Polo. This is like Voxer, but it lets you leave a video message for your neighbors and friends. It is so convenient.

Then, there’s always the good old phone. Get their number, and call them. Make sure they have plenty of soap, cans of corn, packages of meat, or whatever.

Courtesy of Nextdoor

One thing that we have really started using in my neighborhood is Nextdoor. It is sort of like Facebook for people in the surrounding areas. You can post needs or information to Nextdoor, and people can see it and respond.

I have seen one other thing, that I think is a MOST excellent idea. You give everyone in your neighborhood a red piece of construction paper and a green piece of construction paper.

If everything is okay, the neighbor keeps the green square of paper in their front window.

If they need help in some way, they post the red square of paper in their front window. That way EVERYONE can see if there is a person in need, and can jump in to help.

If you are able to get out and help someone who is stuck at home, please do so. You don’t know what a WORLD of difference this will make for your neighbors.

While you are at it, call your parents and / or grandparents. They may need to be checked on as well.

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