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These Quirky Questionnaire Templates Are The Perfect Way To Stay Connected With Friends On Instagram

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Due to everyone being stuck at home, Instagram has had a lot of recent trends and challenges lately.

These trends are here to help ease the antsy feeling of being confined in our homes and have something fun and creative to do while we’re sitting on the couch wondering what’s next to watch on Netflix.

We’ve had the #untiltomorrow challenge, where individuals are posting their most embarrassing photos on Instagram and then deleting them the next day. The catch is, once you like a #untiltomorrow post, you must now do the challenge.

Courtesy of @killercatt

Most recently, a few trending templates have surfaced Instagram and I must say so myself, they’re pretty fun once you know what’s going on!

First can I note, that these templates are extremely aesthetically pleasing. I’m not sure if it’s because pink is my favorite color or because the font is in cursive, but whatever it is, I like it!

Courtesy of @isa_sabrina

These templates are pretty much like questionaries. They involve a bunch of quirky questions and when completed, you can post your answers to your IG story for everyone to see!

Just make sure to nominate three other people so others can partake in the fun!

Courtesy of @hey_itsmaki

There are six total templates. You can take a look at all of them here and make sure to check out the woman who made them, nicely done Leah!


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