A Reporter Was Approached By A Herd of Bisons While Reporting On Live TV and His Reaction Is Priceless

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Now what I’m about to tell you may come as a surprise, but I can promise you by the look of this reporter, no one was more shocked than he was when he saw a herd of wildlife approach him.

We’ve all seen funny bloopers of reporters reporting live in the field and as we’ve all seen, things don’t go exactly as planned, but hey, that’s live television!

While reporting, Deion Broxton with KTVM, was reporting a story at Yellowstone National Park when he glanced to his side and noticed a herd of bisons walking towards him!

While the camera was still rolling, Broxton’s expression towards the herd of Bisons was filmed and his reaction is priceless!

While Broxton clearly looked nervous, the Internet had no mercy to turn his reaction into multiple memes.


Broxton even recorded the herd of Bisons later that day when he reached safety and when there was more than enough distance between himself and the wildlife.

However, Broxton did the right thing by moving away from the Bisons just as he did.

The Yellowstone National Park admired Broxton’s reaction and stated that it was the perfect example of demonstrating what to do when wildlife approaches you.

Even the National Park Service chimed in and presented us with a diagram that shows us exactly what to do if wildlife may ever approach you. They also were clever enough to sneak in a few key pointers about social distancing too!

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