You Can Get a Garden House Kit on Amazon and I Need One Now

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I don’t know about you, but I wish I had a little space of my own where I could run away for a few minutes or hours.

Well, thanks to Amazon, now we can! They are selling a Garden House Kit so you can build your own mini house right in your backyard.

Allwood Sommersby

Yes, you can buy a Garden House… IN A BOX thanks to Allwood on Amazon!

This is like the ultimate DIY kit and the possibilities are endless on what you can turn this little space of heaven into.

You could make yourself a crafty ‘She shed’, a macho man cave, gaming space. The ideas are literally endless…

I personally would love a cozy little reading room, with a nice comfy chair, endless blankets and a steaming cup of coffee… that sounds delightful.

This garden home kit includes everything you need to be successful in your little DIY adventure, the entire building process is estimated to take 1-2 days and in the end, you have 174 square feet of endless possibilities.

The design features include; large windows to soak up those nice summer rays (or perhaps enjoy a dreary rainy day tucked away), wide double doors so you can really enjoy the outdoors, and a flattering exterior appearance.

Allwood Sommersby

Now… I am not the best at DIY projects and kits, but this one is so foolproof and well explained that I think even I can do it!

I’m really not that crafty of a person, but since becoming a mother I have been trying to get a bit more into it. I am hoping to have my son’s scrapbook done by the time he turns 18 haha! I think a space like this is just what I need to really spread out and get those creative juices flowing!

Allwood Sommersby

The Allwood Sommersby comes with all the supplies in the kit carefully packed in a large wooden crate.

This kit includes everything you need; including hardware, except for roof shingles and foundation materials.

You can also customize the Garden House to your liking, by adding additional windows and perhaps a window air conditioning unit to provide year-round usability.

One day, when I have space for one I will most definitely be getting myself one of these kits. With a price tag of just $8,560, it is completely reasonable in my opinion.

You can get yourself a Garden House Kit on Amazon Here.

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