This Artist Sorted Disney Princesses Into Hogwarts Houses and It Is Magical

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Ok, I’m a closet Harry Potter Nerd and I grew up watching Disney every Sunday night. Yes kids, that is how old I am.

Anything that combines the two has got to be fun. Greco Archibald, a very talented artist, has done exactly that.

He has taken the Disney Princesses and thoughtfully divided them into their Hogwarts houses.

Giselle – Huffelpuff


He divided them evenly between the houses but took in to account each house characteristic.  Aurora, Jasmine, Kida, and Elsa are in Slytherin because they are heirs to the throne.  Greco explained that not everyone in Slytherin is bad and not everyone should be in Gryffindor.

Kidagakash or Kida – Slytherin


He tried to take in to account the backstory of each character as well as the characteristics of each house. For instance, Snow White is in Huffelpuff.  She has a kind heart and sees the best in people and she has a childlike innocence that is associated with Huffelpuff.


Snow White – Hufflepuff

Ariel, who doesn’t obey anyone really, kind of like Harry himself, is in Gryffindor. She is brave and foolhardy. She rushes off to see Ursula, the Sea Witch, by herself and gives up her beautiful voice for a chance to live on land.


Ariel – Gryffindor

Even Merida’s movie is called Brave. She definitely belongs in Gryffindor. She is determined that no one will decide her fate, but her. She messes up and turns her mother into a bear but rather than just crying and saying I’m sorry she kicks some major butt and rights the wrong.  I know she will be playing on the Gryffindor Quidditch team!

Merida – Gryffindor


Moana is also in Gryffindor.  She has tenacity and strength and, surprise also goes against the wishes of her family.  She doesn’t know what waits for her out in the big ocean, but she goes because she is needed.

Moana – Gryffindor


Greco created 18 Disney Princesses for Hogwarts.  He has also created Disney Princes and other Disney characters for the Sorting Hat.

Pocahontas – Ravenclaw


He says he uses Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop, and iPad’s Procreate illustration tool to create his artwork.  Nothing this beautiful has ever come out of my computer.

Tiana – Hufflepuff


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