You Can Now Get a Cowhide Decorated Stanley Tumbler and It Is So Cute

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Getting in your recommended H₂O has never been easier.

Between Starbucks and Stanley’s tumblers, there should be no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get in your daily water intake even on the-go.

And thanks to Etsy shop owner @DesiredCandleCo who just gave you another reason to not forget your water on the counter before running errands, you can get a Stanley tumbler like no other.

What’s unique about this Stanley tumbler is number one, it’s handmade and number two, it’s decorated with a cowhide design that surrounds the entire bottle!

What was once the cream colored Stanley tumbler you can find on Amazon, this personalized tumbler incorporates a cowhide design that sits right on top of the original color!

Even the handle is covered with the same design too!

Courtesy of Amazon

And if you look closely, you’ll notice that this Stanley is also lightly dusted with glitter to add a sparkle to your tumbler whenever you’re out in the sun!

Courtesy of @DesiredCandleCo

As per usual, every Stanley tumbler is equipped to hold 40 ounces of your favorite liquid with a reusable straw that’s also included.

And yes, both hot and cold liquids can be be poured into this tumbler to keep your morning brew hot and your iced coffee well, cold.

Courtesy of Amazon

Oh, and if you left this article to grab your wallet, just don’t forget to make room on the shelf for one more tumbler!

So where can you find this cowhide tumbler; the good news is that you can snag one right from your living couch because this Stanley is sold online!

Courtesy of @DesiredCandleCo

You can currently find the cowhide decorated Stanley tumbler only on Etsy!

Courtesy of @DesiredCandleCo

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