Cheetos New Flamin’ Hot Sweet Carolina Reaper Chips Are for The Bravest of Them All

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Cheetos flamin’ hot chips used to be for those with a spicy tongue and now, it’s for individuals who can take on the heat without a glass of milk.

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Cheetos new Flamin’ Hot Sweet Carolina Reaper crunchy chips will test the level of heat you can take without having smoke come out of both ears.

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With a rush of fierce heat in every bite and hints of sweet every so often, Cheetos new bag of flamin’ hot chips are for the dare devils who can finish the entire bag in one sitting.

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As the world’s hottest pepper makes the flavor of these chips, don’t be fooled by the word “sweet” on the bag, but notice Chester the Cheetah eating fire with a side of Cheetos on the front.

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Considering every Cheetos chip leaves behind a trail of dust on our fingertips, do you dare lick your fingers with these new chips on fire?

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With nearly ten ounces of heat sealed in one flaming bag, Cheetos’ new chips might just be the hottest snack bag stocked on store shelves.

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Just look for the red hot bag in the chip aisle and you’ll know you find the right one.

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So if you’e confident enough to try this new level of hot, you can find the fiery bags at Walmart, but you might want to consider adding a gallon of milk to your cart first.

Courtesy of Walmart

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