Don’t Throw Away That Letter You Received After The Third Stimulus. Here’s Why.

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Oops. I tossed mine.

And, I’m betting so many others of you did, too.

There may be a reason you want to hold on to that letter you got from the IRS, that’s signed by President Biden, confirming your stimulus payment.

This letter can be used to claim any money owed to you from the third stimulus.

Think this doesn’t apply to you?

If the IRS based your payment on an old tax return, but you made LESS money in 2020, you may qualify for more money.

Maybe you had a new little baby or gained a dependent during the year, and the IRS didn’t take that into account — yep, possible money.

That letter was an official IRS document — Notice 1444-C, to be exact — and should have been kept with your other tax information.

The letter shows you the amount you were paid and how you were paid — by mail or direct deposit. The letter also advises you to check the Get My Payment tool or call a phone number at the bottom of the letter if you’ve not received your check.


Well, darn it!! What do you do if you threw the letter away or never received it in the first place?

First, you want to make sure your current address is correct with the IRS and the United States Postal Service.

Then, you can go to the IRS website, and if you view your tax account information, you should be able to find what you need.

If you don’t have an account on the IRS website, you can set one up.

Just make sure you have a few things on hand and ready — your social security number, date of birth, filing status, an email account, a personal account (like a credit card or mortgage), and a mobile phone number.

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  1. Received letter dated 4/20 on 5/11, so letter is late/misinformation. Guessing it was for the payment on 3/24.

  2. What if you haven’t received the letter with the third stimulus payment? What do you do then?

    1. @never received letter or 3rd stimulus.
      Just say eligable, never a date