Ben & Jerry’s Now Makes Ice Cream for Dogs and We Are Here For It

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If you have pets, the struggle is real when it comes down to eating dinner at the table while your dog is begging for a bite of that sandwich you just whipped up in the kitchen.

The trick is not to look directly into the famous puppy dog eyes because as you know might already know, it’s nearly impossible to reject them.


Ben & Jerry’s is introducing a new line of ice cream specifically for your pups because let’s face it, table food isn’t the best choice to feed your pets; however, dog friendly sweets are totally acceptable!

Courtesy of Ben & Jerry’s

Introducing Doggie Desserts!


The iconic ice cream chain announced the dog friendly dessert line today and better yet, there’s not one but two new flavors for your dog to munch on after dinner.


The ice cream itself is made with a sunflower butter base, making this sweet treat safe for dogs; the two new flavors include Pontch’s Mix which is made with peanut butter and pretzel swirls while Rosie’s Batch, consists of pumpkin and mini cookies.


We can expect Ben & Jerry’s to roll out with their line of ice cream for dogs very soon in pet supply stores and other locations nationwide such as supermarkets and mass retailers. The typical price for an individual mini cup dessert is usually $1.29, while the multipacks are priced at $4.49.


As if we weren’t already tearing up because we can finally enjoy our ice cream in peace, Ben & Jerry’s named both flavors of ice cream after their employee’s dogs that were brought to Ben & Jerry’s dog-friendly headquarters.


You can even take a look at the dogs who inspired Ben & Jerry’s Doggie Desserts here, I’m not crying, you are.


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