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You Can Plant Red Hot Poker Torch Lily Flowers In Your Yard and I’m Obsessed

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One day I will have the most epic flower garden ever!

It will be filled with the most unique looking flowers of different shapes and colors.

The Red Hot Poker Torch Lily is high on my list of must have flowers for my future garden.

Just what i expected cant wait to watch them grow

Dawn Nelson – Etsy customer review

You can see why they are called the Red Hot Poker Torch, the true name of this flower is Kniphofia and it is a type of Lily.

DivineDirect – Etsy

It has bright shades of orange and red blooms and will definitely be an eye catcher in the flower garden.

They grow very tall, anywhere from 3 to 4 feet even!

trickyandy – Instagram

They arrived quite fast, they look fine. Excited about planting them. Thanks

Kim Poulter – Etsy customer review

The height makes them great as a border flower and they are perfect to cut and display in a vase or flower arrangement.

This plant will produce blooms for weeks!

Red Hot Poker Torch Lily flowers are a perennial that grows best in zones 7-10 in full sun, and the bloom season is summer through autumn.

You can purchase Red Hot Poker Torch Lily flower seeds to plant from DivineDirect on Etsy!

DivineDirect – Etsy

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