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Rihanna Was Completely Blindsided When Boyfriend A$AP Rocky Was Arrested At The Airport

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Poor Rihanna.

She was completely blindsided when her boyfriend, A$AP Rocky, was arrested at a private LAX terminal on their way back from Barbados.

They had been vacationing on the Caribbean island where Rihanna was relaxing during the third trimester of her pregnancy.

The pair had no idea that the arrest was going to happen. They were blindsided and stunned when the cops came out of the woodwork to make the arrest on A$AP Rocky.

— cops chose not to give Rocky or his team a heads up. In fact, we’re told the arrest was more than a week in the making


This arrest was allegedly about a shooting that happened back in November. The cops wanted to make the surprise arrest, so they could find the gun used in the shooting at A$AP Rocky’s house.

See, USUALLY the police employ what is known as a voluntary surrender. It gives the person time to surrender themself so they don’t have to be publicly taken into custody.

That wasn’t an option in this case. A$AP Rocky — nor Rihanna — had no idea that the arrest was going to go down.

This was probably pretty traumatic for A$AP Rocky, but can you imagine Rihanna. The girl is on the verge of giving birth, and she was just put under massive amounts of stress. Stress that could have been avoided. Stress that didn’t have to go down the way it did.

— cops believe A$AP shot a man in Hollywood during an argument back in November. The bullet grazed the victim’s hand. Cops wanted to find the gun and worried if they gave Rocky a heads up, he might 86 it. That’s why they coordinated the arrest and the search of his home so both went down at the same time.


Rihanna even tried to go by A$AP Rocky’s place to pick up some of her stuff after the arrest. They wouldn’t let her enter the property.

Now, we have NO idea if the cops found the gun in question.

Sources say that Rocky posted $550,000 bail on Wednesday, and was released.

The D.A. has the case, and should make a decision soon on whether to file charges.


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