Dan Levy’s Outfit At The Emmys Is Giving Me Life Right Now

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Y’all I LOVE Dan Levy – aka DAVID from Schitt’s Creek. He’s amazeballs both on screen and off.

But OMG DAVID! Did you see his outfit tonight at The Emmy Awards? It is freaking KILLER and truly, I don’t know if anyone can pull it off as well as he has.

I mean, let’s be real here, the entire cast of Schitt’s Creek looks AMAZING but David is an attractive man and stick an attractive man inside a suit and DAYUMMMM!

Dan was rocking a suit with strips on the sleeves but THEN you look a bit closer and BAM he’s sporting a kilt.

Everything from his striped suit, striped kilt and even the strips on his socks and shoes is on POINT!

Truthfully, he wins my voice for the best outfit of the night because it’s giving me life right now!

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