The Superhero In You, Is She Still Flying?

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I know we are reluctant to scream “I believe I can fly”, after the R. Kelly news graced our airwaves and flooded social media; but why?

That’s not why we all always wanted to fly.

Remember back when you were a kid climbing a tree with plans to jump…OR…swinging the highest you could go at the neighborhood park ready to soar into the sky? I’m certain you do. We’ve all dreamed about flying one day, as a kid, then we became an adult and that dream kinda flew away.

I watch so many women grow up to become moms, wives, professionals, etc in their daily lives and completely lose that ability to fly. It’s almost like child bearing/rearing; work; wiving-ness (yep I made it up); and so much more removed all of our fairytale-ness ripping us away from soaring through the sky.

WOW! How do you know this Meek, you ask?

…because I’ve been there. I too fell apart trying to find myself after my first kid, when my body started to change. Was confused by understanding what it meant to be the pillar of my family to prevent any downfalls. It was foreign to me, because I was always taught that the man is the head of the household; therefore, responsible for the family. Not sure about your house, but ummmmmmmm, I am that “man” my family was always talking about. Yeah, hub goes to work, pays the bills, protects us, and make sure all of our needs are met, but I do so much more. The things that we completely forget needs doing that just miraculously gets done. I feel like at least 85% of the women reading this can relate. So read on.

That photoshoot in NYC in 12 degree weather, but I was determined to smile.

Then one day, I woke up.

I stopped silently sobbing in my misery trying to regain the MEek before a family or trying to define what life was supposed to be and I recreated it. I recreated myself to live in my wivingness and momminess without losing my MEekness (not the word meek). I quickly remembered what made me happy; reminisced on those days of fancy pieces paired together showcasing my out-of-the-box style. Whether it was capturing a look from the old show ‘Blossom’; or rocking all black styling like Janet Jackson; or even killing the scene like Sarah Jessica Parker; BABY I WAS BACK. Back and ready to define myself after all of those titles I wore on my back. Ready to be all I can be as I always dreamed of. Ready to live the good life without apology.


So here’s the deal. I am showing up on Totally the Bomb to become your personal cyber stylist. My responsibility is to help you do what I did; find your cape through all of the vintage-ness of your closet and regain sense of self. I am a strong believer of, when you look good you feel good, and when you feel good, the world is yours.

Absolutely no fear wearing what I want to wear

In the past 5 years blogging, I’ve learned how much of an inspiration I am to other women who’ve had the same struggles that I had after giving birth/becoming a career woman. Every single person I’ve spent time with teaching them how to become acclimated with their self in the present sense of their life, good results followed. They were able to smile big again, walk in a room with their head held high, and even felt sexy in front of hub/friends again and that felt good. It feels good to give so much positive juju to so many women just looking for a way to regain sense of self.

Always something different with me.

I said all of that to say this, I will grace your presence with style tips, trends, shopping hacks, capsule wardrobes, and so much more. In my daily world, I blog over at Skinnee Girl Confidence, which I started well over 8 years ago to share my life on how I too struggled with confidence/self esteem issues, even though my body type is considered to be the “desirable” look of a woman. That does not define my happiness, so many other things did. I was over being told you’re skinny so you’re good. It’s more to life than that. This is my platform to share that and I hope you are ready to tag along.

Hello there ladies and welcome to my world. You can call me Meek.

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