These Custom Slippers Are Made to Look Exactly Like Your Dog

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I am actually in shock right now. These Cuddle Clone slippers look JUST like their real-life counterparts, and I NEED them!

This company, out of Louisville, Kentucky, really knows their stuff when it comes to re-creating furry friends of all sizes and types.

Courtesy of Cuddle Clones

They can, literally, take any picture of your pet, and turn it into the CUTEST cuddly footwear ever!

Courtesy of Cuddle Clones

It takes eight weeks to complete an order of these AMAZING slippers. I am SHOCKED that they can have them ready so quickly! I mean, they look like the real deal, and they have them ready super quick!

Courtesy of Cuddle Clones

They even offer a 100% guarantee, so if you aren’t happy with the outcome, they will return it for a FULL refund — minus shipping, of course.

Courtesy of Cuddle Clones

They will run you $199, but come on! They are the sweetest treasure EVER! I just *might* not want to wear them outside in the mud.

Just LOOK at some of these cute replicas they have been able to recreate!

Hello, all you Cat People! They aren’t going to leave YOU out in the cold! You can get your OWN pair of Cuddle Clone slippers, too.

You can check out these super-unique slippers right on the Cuddle Clones website. They make the PERFECT gift — even for yourself!

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Courtesy of SlashpileDesigns

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