These Minnie Mouse Red Velvet Bundt Cakes Have A Raspberry Filling and I’m On My Way

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It is no secret that I love Disney. It is ALSO no secret that I have made trips to the Parks JUST to sample the food.

Yes, it’s true — The Food And Wine Festival is a MUST.

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And these These Minnie Mouse Red Velvet Bundt Cakes That Have A Raspberry Filling are no exception… I NEED one.


Look, we all know Disney is KNOWN for their delicious, sometimes over-the-top, food.

This is ESPECIALLY true of their desserts. Just about ANYWHERE you go “on property,” you can sample the BEST in sweet treat fare!


This is true of both Disney World, and the OG, Disneyland!


So, get your taste buds, and your cameras ready, because just in time for Valentine’s Day, the Plaza Inn, at Disneyland has this super gorgeous Minnie Mouse Bundt Cake — *Squee*!


It’s ALMOST too cute to eat. I said ALMOST. Instagram that baby, and then dig in!


This Minnie Mouse Bundt Cake is the size of a large cupcake, so it can easily be shared by two people. If you are with me, however, GET YOUR OWN. I don’t share my Disney desserts. Ha!


As you might have guessed, it’s a red velvet cake — OMG, yum! — filled with chocolate chips and a raspberry filling.


According to the Disney Food Blog, this cake is “delightfully light, moist, rich, and just the right amount of sweetness.”


Side note — if you are a Disney fanatic, like me, and you HAVEN’T hit up the Disney Food Blog, you aren’t living your best Disney life. Go check them out.

Via ktthedisneybear on Instagram

Also, you might consider a road trip — take me — to Disneyland, to get one of these Minnie Mouse Bundt Cakes before they magically disappear.


Don’t worry. There will ALWAYS be MORE when it comes to Disney desserts, but this bundt cake shouldn’t be missed!

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