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You Can Get Harry Potter Ugly Christmas Sweaters, Accio Them To Me!

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With Christmas right around the corner, one of the most important decisions lies ahead…what kind of ugly Christmas sweater am I going to wear this year?

This has become such a worldwide tradition that you have to get creative these days. In fact, one year, I was a Christmas tree…but this year, I think I have found my absolute favorite sweater.


You can get an ugly Christmas sweater to match your Hogwarts house!!! I’m a Slytherin, and green is my favorite color, so this is just perfect for me!


Add some red jewelry and you’re already wearing Christmas colors. Talk about a win-win!


Then, of course, comes the most popular Hogwarts house, Gryffindor. Don’t even get me started on how Harry Potter was supposed to be Slytherin. Another topic for another day.


Then there’s Ravenclaw, my husband’s Hogwarts house. He’s quite proud of his house, as I am of mine. I may have to get us both our appropriate sweaters!


And of course, who could forget the super loving and cuddly Hufflepuffs.


These sweaters are perfect for any Potterhead and would also make incredible gifts for the nerds like me in your life. Comment your Hogwarts house below!

You can get these sweaters at BoxLunch Right Here! They will cost you about $60 each and they are totally worth it!


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