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You Can Now Get Wrapping Paper With Your Face On It So You Can Be Extra AF With Your Holiday Wrapping

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This is cool! If there was ever a year to plaster your face or someone else’s face on wrapping paper to send to family, this is it!

Gift Wrap My Face

So many people are choosing to stay home for the holidays this year and are missing those that they love. This super personalized gift wrap will make your mailed gifts extra special!


When I say it’s super personalized, I mean it! The wrapping paper can be covered in your pretty face! It doesn’t even just have to be your face, you can have it made with your pets faces too!


I am always making people look at photos of my dogs and I know they appreciate it (It really drives them nuts, they’re just nice). So now I can make them look at my precious dogs even more because my kids are on strike about letting me take photos of them.


The company is called Gift Wrap My Face and they do a wonderful job of imposing the faces of you and all of your loved ones on amazing wrapping paper.

Gift Wrap My Face

I love this call your mom wrapping paper! There is even a QR code for a fun reminder!


If you celebrate Hanukkah, you’ll need to order soon since that is literally right around the corner!


Pick Your Character!

You can be pretty much anything you want to be. Do you want to be a snowman? You totally can, look at this baby snowman!


You can get a full roll of the customized gift wrap for $16.95, or a half of a roll for only $9.95. They say they have a 2-4 business day turnaround. But I would still plan to order early in case everyone has the same idea!

You can get your super custom gift wrap from Gift Wrap My Face! You can also order your greeting cards from there as well!


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